Western Chapter

Chapter Information

Chapters establish a local presence for HRMAJ. Participation in Chapters provides a unique combination of social interaction and professional dialogue among peers in their respective professional skills set. Because of their subject‐specific nature, chapters typically focus on information and awareness not easily found elsewhere.

Joining HRMAJ chapter conveys a profound interest and dedication to the HR discipline. Members may volunteer in a variety of roles and capacities that can benefit the chapter and advance their career opportunities. Volunteer activities range from running for elected positions on chapter and serving in a wide variety of planning, management, and logistical support functions at HRMAJ. Members who get involved with HRMAJ are creating networking and learning opportunities that advance both organizational and personal development.

Western Chapter


Jewel Daniels Radford, Chapter Chairman - hrmaj2018@gmail.com | 876.566.6495

Andrea Gayle, Membership and Program Coordinator - anngayle@hotmail.com | 876.314.7104


·      Membership fees: Individual: $6,500.  Corporate: $32,500. Please add 15% Tax.

·      Membership Drive – Bring One/Sponsor One (encourage a colleague to join HRMAJ and/or sponsor a young professional/student membership fee)

Membership Events

·      Quarterly meetings - third Thursday of the month at a host facility. The Meetings are schedule for the months of January, May, August, and November.

·      Professional Development sessions are held three times a year.

·      Free to paid-up members, however, members may be asked to contribute a $500 individual financial donation to cover snacks, beverages, etc. for monthly meetings.

·      Non-members will be charged a fee based on the scheduled activity.

·      Winddown Wednesdays - Chapter social networking activity where members will gather at a selected location to relax, dine, and have a glass of wine.  Be on the lookout for upcoming dates.

·      Members may join all HRMAJ provided activities wherever they are held.


·      Committee/Volunteers - membership, education, sponsorship, and activities –member volunteers are used to facilitate planned activities.


Important Dates

·      October 4- 9: Human Resource Management Week 

·      October 8: Human Resource Professional Day