​CONFERENCE26 Draft Programme

10:00am -Conference Registration
Portland Lobby
2:00pm – 2:55pm
Using Technology on the Cutting-edge to Create Cross-regional Networks
Portland A
Presenter: Francis Wade
3:00pm- 4:30 pm Fun in Learning
Portland B
6:00pm – 7:30pm Networking
North Beach
Focusing on weaving internal network partnerships to enhance successful HR practices in organizations
5:30am Rise & Shine Power Walk
7:30am - 5:00pm Conference Registration
Portland Lobby
8:25 – 8:35am Welcome & Opening Remarks
Portland A
Fay Pape - Sukhu
8:40 - 9:20am - Opening Plenary
Harmonising Corporate, National and Regional Policies for Efficiency and Effectiveness
Portland A
Presenters: Henry Reid and Sandra Myers
CSM is a reality. This has implications for diversity and the exploration of commonalities. This is to result in policies and practices to influence dynamic, productive and diverse workforces.
9:30 - 10:10am -Plenary
Portland A
Presenter: Patrick Smith
Concepts and tools for personal development and improved integration at the workplace
10:10-10:25am Coffee Break
North Lobby
10:45am- 12:00am Opening Ceremony:
Grande Hall
Official Welcome
Karl Williams, President, HRMAJ
Keynote Presentation- Randy Sletcha
The Limit is Limitless
Those who are following must know where you are taking them. They must be convinced that it is worthwhile going there.
12:15 - 12:30pm Official Opening of Booths
Grande Hall
12:30- 2:00 noon Lunch
North Pavillion
Viewing of Exhibitions
grande hall
viewing of Poster competition
north lobby
2:00- 2:50pm- Plenary
Grande Hall
HR Professionals Relating to Governance and Management
Presenter: Clive Edwards
HR Professionals are searching for strategies when the lines between governance and management are blurred.
3:00 -3:35pm
“Send Them for Training”
Portland A
A HRMAJ video production depicting practices that are inimical to the HR process
Discussants: Georgia Donaldson
3:45 – 5:00pm Interactive Workshops
1. Conflict Resolution and Mediation Strategies
Grande Hall
Presenter: Donna Parchment
KTA[1]: Participants will be able to identify different types of conflict and apply mediation techniques to resolve conflicts
2. CSM HR Challenges
Portland A
Presenter: Miss Sandra Myers
KTA: Suggestions for HR Strategies in CSM environment
3. The HR Scorecard: Relevance to Business Success
Portland B
Presenter: Michael Jones
4. Information Technology Learning
Supported by E-Learning
Presenter: Anna Kay Lee
Presenters Chat Room – OPEN
Grande Hall
Informal discussions between Participants, Presenters and Facilitators
8:00 - 10:00pm
ceremony - Poster Competition Award
Fashion Show
Portland A
Master of Ceremonies Lloyd Stanley- Programmes Committee Chairperson
8:15am -Announcements
Grande Hall
Darlene Jones
Logistics Committee Chairperson
presentation – HRMAJ member of the year
Colin Barnett
8:30 – 9:20am - Plenary
Grande Hall
Motivation Revisited: Cutting edge ideas for enhancing human performance
Presenter: Prof. Gangaram Singh
Motivation does not necessarily result in high performance as is believed traditionally. Many factors may intervene to distract the individual. These can present interesting challenges to line managers and HR professionals.
9:30– 10:15am
Interactive Workshops:
1. Wellness You and the Job
Grande Hall
Presenter: – Drs. Pamela & Floyd Atkins
KTA: Integrated and holistic concepts for achieving and maintaining wellness and a high quality of life
1. Performance Management – HEART Trust/NTA case study
Portland A
Presenter: Colin Barnett
KTA: A framework for reviewing performance management systems with recommendations for strengthening the system
2. Managing Information: The planning and Organizing Challenge
Portland A
Presenter: Stefaney Ferguson
KTA: Effective measures for making use of information generated in organization and optimising organisational memory
3. Leveraging Experience in Tackling Change to enhance the Organisation’s Success
Presenters: Dr. Anne Crick
KTA: Pointers to the importance of valuing practical intelligence developed through experience at the workplace.
10:15 – 10:50am -COFFEE BREAK
North Lobby
Viewing of Exhibitions
grande hall
viewing of Poster competition
north lobby
10:50 –11:35am Concurrent Presentations
1. The Role of HR in Risk Management
Portland A
Presenter: Dr. Alton Fletcher
Highlighting HR challenges that are embedded in commitments to undertake and manage business risks
2. Balancing Work and Family Responsibilities
Portland B
Presenter: Sharon Gregg-Wisdom, Andrew Francis
Insights into Caribbean research on employee benchmarking, in particular, the relationship between employee satisfaction and engagement and organizational performance.
11:45am-12:30pm Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion 1
Portland A
Boardroom Politics: Impact on Human Resource and Organisational Performance
Panellists: Dr. Derrick McCoy; Dr. Henley Morgan
Exploring the intrigues of boardroom focus on HR decisions
Panel Discussion 2
Portland B
Innovative Middle Managers Charting the Course for Organisational Success
Panellists: Registrar General Department & Courts
KTA:The challenges facing today’s organisations require innovation and creativity in areas that relate directly to middle managers. This session examines these and the supportive role of HR professionals
12:35 –2.30pm- Lunch
North Pavillion
Viewing of Exhibitions
grande hall
viewing of Poster competition
north lobby
2.30 – 3.15pm Forum: Ask HRMAJ
Grande Hall
3:30 – 4:15pm Interactive Workshops
1. Monitoring and Evaluation: The trainer’s compass.
Portland A
Presenter – Lloyd Stanley
KTA: Ideas for building a model for tracking progress and assessing outcomes of HRD programmes
2. Bridging the Gap Between Inexperienced Youth and Employment
Grande Hall
Presenter –Mrs. Frances Coke
KTA: Strategies and methodologies for fitting inexperienced persons in job situations.
3. Analysing and Assessing Organisation Development
Portland B
Presenter: - Ms. Marcia McKenzie
Mrs. Verona Dawkins
KTA: A framework for planned OD interventions for organisational success
4. Communication for Improved Human Relations at the Workplace.
Presenter: Mrs. Berl Francis
KTA: Tips and guidelines for establishing a culture of effective communication; recognising and removing problems of poor communication
Panel Discussion & Forum
Portland B
Legislation and the Development of Human Capital
Panellists – Mrs. Helene Davis-White
Dr. Noel Cowell
Review of labour / employment legislation in the context of CSM
Grande Hall
Societal values impacting the workplace
Presenter: Milton Perkins
Presenters Chat Room OPEN
Grande Hall
Informal discussions between Participants, Presenters and Facilitators
8:00pm – midnight
“Saturday Nite Live”
Portland A
“Karen Smith & Band” will lead the excitement as you dance away the night.
8.00-8:05am Announcements
Michael Jones
8:05-8:35am Praise & Worship
Portland A
“Spiritual Prosperity”
HRMAJ Thrillers
KTA: Spirituality points always beyond immediate perceptions. It is the road to human wholeness awakening us to the abundant life.
President’s Closing Address
Presenter: Karl Williams, President, HRMAJ
9:00-10:00am Closing Plenary
Transformational Leadership: The Human Connection
Presenter: Representative Sylvester Turner, Texas State
10:10am Grand Finale

[1] Key Take Away