National Works Agency the winner of the 2011 Poster Competition Award

Congratulations to National Works Agency on being selected as the winners for the competition for 2011.

The HRMAJ Poster Competition is open to all conference attendees and aims to:

  • re-inforce the conference theme “Innovation Through the Downturn...Creating Value for the Upturn”
  • provide an opportunity for conferees to prepare themselves to receive maximum benefits from conference
  • foster creativity among HR professionals
  • generate pre-conference discussion on important HR issues that will be covered at conference

    Criteria for judging are based on the following:

  • Exposition of the conference theme
  • Use of colour/graphics
  • Organisation/Layout
  • Originality/creativity

HRMAJ will use the most outstanding artistic presentation of the theme in future HRMAJ publications and/or create a calendar provided that HRMAJ receive permission from the owners.