Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for governance and the strategic direction of the Association. The twelve directors  are members of the Association and are elected by its members at their annual general meetings.  The President and Vice President are elected by the Directors.  The Board comprises an Executive and three sub committees: Strategic Alliances, Media Relations & Membership Services and Research, Professional Development & Conference.

Lois Walters


LOIS C. A. WALTERS, has worked in the field of Human Resource Management and Development for over twenty years.   Presently, she is the Deputy Chief Personnel Officer, Information, Standards & Education at the Office of the Services Commissions.  

Her academic achievements range from a Bachelor’s Degree in Literatures in English to a Scotiabank sponsored Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development.   Professionally, she pursued the Commonwealth Executive Programme in Public Management at the Schulich School of Business, York University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Sector Senior Management at the Management Institute for National Development (MIND) for which she was awarded the UCJ/JBTE Award of Excellence.  She was awarded a full scholarship to pursue at Georgetown University the Advanced Inter-American Policy and Innovation Management Program in 2015.

Mrs. Walters is the Vice President of HRMAJ, TAJ’s Board member & Chair of its HR-subcommittee, UWI’s Career and Placement Board member, the Past President and Strata Secretary for Jhanelle Court Apartments, and an Associate Faculty at MIND.  She is a Deacon and Praise Team Member at the Mona Baptist Church.    

Lois is a certified competent trainer and has developed expertise in HRM &D, Leadership Development, Team Building, Workforce Planning, Talent Management, Recruitment & Selection, Interviewing Techniques, Resume Writing, Professionalism, Change Management, Customer Service, Career Development, Relationship Management and Ushering.  


She is a devoted wife and the mother of three energetic children.  She writes poems and motivational pieces and is the author behind the webpage YardStyleDevotions  She aspires to write motivational books one day.




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